The following team members are responsible for payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, safety oversight, governmental compliance and finance.

Anna Lucas
General Counsel/Risk Manager

Annette Scott/Sue Allen
Asst. Accounts Payable

Ava Hayes
Payroll Specialist/Office Manager

Brent Sloan
Director of HR/Safety

Taylor Edmundson
Front Desk Manager

Carrie Hernandez
Accounting Manager 

Jerry Lawrence
Risk Manager

Nancy Foushee
Payroll Manager

Pam Everwine
Accounts Payable

Rena Vaughn
Division Admin Asst. - Support Services

Shana Hinson
Division Admin Asst - Site

Becky Carrington
Division Admin Asst - Bridge

Trey Love
HR/Payroll Specialist

Allie Godfrey
Division Admin Asst - Building

Rachel Maklary
Division Admin Asst - Site

Brittany Lee
Executive Assistant

Tonya Gray
Division Admin Asst. - Support Services